Hewlett Packard Enterprise IMC Enterprise Software Platform

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HP IMC Enterprise Software Platform with 50-node E-LTU
IMC Enterprise software is designed on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) using a business application flow model as its core and featuring an on-demand, modularized structure. This design enables the efficient implementation of end-to-end business management, while the software’s modularity allows for the effective integration of traditionally separate management tools.

Together, they provide complete management of resources, services, and users.


Highly flexible and scalable deployment models: IMC Enterprise software delivers an extensive set of capabilities for managing large networks, and supplies a greater level of scalability and high availability through a flexible distributed deployment model than is the case with IMC Standard software deployments; IMC software can be deployed across multiple servers in a hierarchical architecture to provide increased scalability and resilience

Intelligent management: - cohesively integrates fault management, element configuration, and network monitoring from a central vantage point. - with support for third-party devices, IMC software enables network administrators to centrally manage all network elements with a variety of automated tasks: discovery, categorization, baseline configurations and software images, and others. - IMC software provides configuration compare tools, version tracking, change alerts, and more.

Modular architecture: optional modules can be added to enrich network management capabilities; modules for user access management, VPN management, and traffic analysis can be quickly added and provide instant benefits; the architecture allows modules to share information and provide collaborative policy creation and reports

eAPI library to integrate third-party applications: The IMC eAPI library utilizes a RESTful implementation for simplified integration with HP and third-party applications. Over 200 eAPI calls are available in the library, which is included with IMC Enterprise software

Live update enhancements: IMC Enterprise software now provides notification and download availability of the latest IMC patches as well as new firmware version releases for HP devices
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Technical details
Management platformIMC
System requirements
Recommended RAM4096 MB
Recommended processor3.0GHz Intel Xeon/Intel Core 2 Duo
Recommended storage drive space100 GB
Minimum system requirementsFirefox 3.6+/Internet Explorer 8.0+
Minimum RAM4096 MB
Minimum processor3GHz Intel Pentium 4
Minimum storage drive space51200 MB
Manufacturer Hewlett Packard Enterprise