Hewlett Packard Enterprise IMC Service Health Manager

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HP IMC Service Health Manager Software Module E-LTU
HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) is a modular, comprehensive resource management platform. With its extensive device support, IMC provides true end-to-end management for the entire network, as well as the entire operation cycle.

IMC Service Health Manager (SHM) is an IMC module that provides end-to-end service monitoring and service assurance through the visualization of infrastructure or network variance/factors that are in the service path. SHM leverages data derived from other IMC components to yield critical performance metrics. SHM then aggregates key performance indicators (KPIs) to generate key quality indicator (KQI) metrics. KQIs can be modeled to provide a visual representation of service-level agreement (SLA) obligations.

With SHM, administrators can visually determine the level of quality for defined services and take proactive measures to maintain SLAs.


Predefined KPIs and custom KPIs: Comprehensive KPI collecting: predefines five KPIs (device monitoring, interface monitoring, NQA voice, NQA link, and NTA traffic) by extracting the KPI indexes from all IMC modules (including platform traps, performance, NQA, and NTA) to realize metered definitions of network performance. Predefine abundant KQIs: allows you to predefine different KQIs, including device status, interface performance, NQA voice and link quality, and NTA host traffic.

Visual service modeling: provides visual SLA modeling tools; allows you to define the service-related resources, set up a KQI/compound KQI, and then create evaluation policies to obtain a holistic view of the service

Complete network quality assurance (NQA) link monitoring: Comprehensive service quality monitoring: monitors delay; jitter; packet loss; and throughput of different services, including voice, video, network connectivity, and VRF. - Multivendor device management . - Support for NQA grouping based on service types.

Real-time monitoring, audit, and alarm of NQA instances: - Instant management is the core function of NQA and allows you to configure test period, alarm mode, service level, service class, and device parameter through instant management. - The real-time audit function helps solve problems when the configured instance cannot collect data normally. - The threshold values for alarms.

Comprehensive SHM reports: includes daily, weekly, monthly, and annual service health monitoring reports
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Technical details
Management platformIMC
System requirements
Recommended RAM4096 MB
Recommended processor3.0GHz Intel Xeon/Intel Core 2 Duo
Minimum system requirementsFirefox 3.6+/Internet Explorer 8.0+
Minimum RAM2048 MB
Minimum processor4.3GHz Intel Pentium
Manufacturer Hewlett Packard Enterprise