Smart Devices as a Service

Design your service. Spread the cost. Maximise the value.

Spreading the cost of IT equipment is smart – but what is smarter is combining this with services you need to continually optimise your client assets, giving your employees uninterrupted access to state of the art equipment and support they need – without impacting your internal helpdesk.

Smart Devices as a Service overview:

  • Audit of current environment
  • Install to desk service
  • Remote or on-site imaging
  • Proactive diagnostics and support
  • Remote OS patch management
  • Fully compliant lifecycle management
  • On-site hot-swap lockers
  • Continual optimisation roadmap
  • Buy back of any existing equipment
  • Access to state of the art equipment
  • No up front capital expenditure
  • Improved cashflow
  • Flex the fleet via Fleet-Flex from Bytes
  • End of term rebate